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What should brands do when an Influencer’s past catches up with them?

Okay, you are a budding entrepreneur, with little budget but you need the world to know that you are here.  One way to communicate and market your business is to work with Influencers.

  • So you do your research,
  • You scroll through their social media and nothing seems out of alignment. 
  • You jump in, send them samples, a press release, and you build a relationship.
  • They write about your brand, and you are happy.

Suddenly, a story comes out that they have said or done something in their past that destroys their current reputation and causes them to defend themselves, what do you do?

  1. Take a deep breath.  It is a simple thing to say, but the greatest mistakes come when you act in a rash and hasty fashion.
  2. Take stock of the situation and investigate the circumstances.  If you have built a decent relationship with the Influencer, you should be able to contact them directly.
  3. Try to objectively access the damage you think the Influencer’s crisis can have on your brand.
  4. If the news is detrimental to your brand, seek professional help, depending on the severity of the accusations.
  5. NEVER add fuel to the flame of the allegation on social media or in the press.  Remember, the Influencer is still a human being with a family.
  6. If you have a contract or Terms of Agreement with the Influencer, review it and act accordingly.

In some cases, it will have no impact, but the lesson will help you to research in greater depth. Let me know what you did when an Influencer’s past caught up with them.

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