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Do you think you have what it takes to be in the top 1%?

Success in business used only to be measured through financial metrics, where experts would peruse your spreadsheets and compare to others of perceived equal value. (EG: Top 100 successful business)

However, the definition of success is expanding, and the assets measured through sustainability and wellbeing of stakeholders are becoming equally as valued as finances. In truth, without the skill set of managing, and maintaining equilibrium across all of these areas, your success is incomplete and ultimately unsuccessful.

So how do you become successful?

What do successful people do?

Successful people manage to protect their assets adequately. They ensure they have enough resources to make strategic investments, while at the same time, protecting their core resource; this is especially true of their most crucial asset – their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The more you protect this most valuable asset, the more likely you are to achieve success and be able to maintain and sustain for longer.

Successful people recognise their responsibility to keep growing, learning and developing. Stagnation in business is an indicator of fear. Too often unsuccessful people hit a peak and are afraid that they will never achieve that level of success again; therefore they are reluctant to develop new skills. However, success is about a continuous momentum of growth and course correction.

Successful people embrace the power of love. Love for themselves, others and what they do. Self-love is the most powerful of all the emotions we possess. And when it is fully recognised and owned within a person, money and possession only act as a magnifying glass to the power of who and what you indeed are. The irony is that there are very few people who possess that level of success. They are seldom known and often work in the background. However, they are the people that have a massive impact on the daily lives of most people.

Would you like to be in the top 1% of successful people?

Do you think you have what it takes to be in the top 1%?

Being in the top 1% can be a lonely place to be. However, it is also a place of great peace and calm in your life.

Being in the top 1% is like being in the eye of a tornado, where chaos is happening all around you, but if you can hold your nerve and have a sense of control in the midst of it all, you will be able to weather the storms.

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