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Use your uniqueness to stand out in the crowd

Do you remember when Susan Boyle, strolled onto Britain’s Got Talent stage and amazed the world with her voice?

Did you see the singing Priest, singing his rendition of Hallelujah at the wedding?  

  • Why did these acts go viral?
  • Why did these things make such an impact on quite literally the world?

The reason is purely AUTHENTICITY against a backdrop of a society filled with prejudice (with a small p).  

Basically, through our natural talent, juxtaposed against societies ideas, we confront what we consider normal and replaced it with ourselves, which sometimes does not fit the mould of our preconceived ideas.

In business, we continuously ask the entrepreneur to tell us:

  • What do they REALLY want the world to know about your company/ your brand?

And usually,  they will provide you with their ‘business plan’ response.  However, when we dig slightly deeper, we always get to the truth – and in reality, they want to be seen.  


Your difference matters!

As a species, we love to hide behind what we perceive to be our ‘difference’ as an explanation for why we cannot achieve our goals.  However, it is those exact difference that can create a positive shift within ourselves and within the world at large.

Basically, the lesson learnt is that we should all use our uniqueness to stand out from the crowd and have a voice in the world.  It is not always easy, but if it is an attribute that is part of you, you will be amazed at the impact your uniqueness could have in this world and the success you can achieve.

So live your vision, dream and be passionate, because you deserve to shine. Be brave to use your voice, even when others doubt you!

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