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USA vs UK Media.

Promoting your business in the 21st Century is a skill of connecting with the real Influencers.

But who are the real Influencers?

In the UK and the USA, they are different, but you may be surprised by the list of the real Influencers.

And unfortunately, the disparity between the two nations are vast. However, the remedy is straightforward – CONSISTENCY!

Regardless of if you are a politician or a mother fighting for the rights of your child, there are particular platforms and publications you need to hit, and the numbers do not lie.

* The Breakfast Club Power 105.1
* Revolt TV
* Sway Universe
* Hot 97 – Ebro
* The View
* The Real
* Wendy Williams (even when she is not there, the show goes on)

* Question Time
* The Business Mix Show – Colourful Radio
* Money Mob Black Business Show
* Halfcast Podcast – Chuckie Online

Print and publications
* Mailonline

The contrast between these two nations is so vast that it is ridiculous.

So what is the solution?
* Consistency of content creation.
* Shareable content

As an agency, we are always on the lookout for those platforms that speak to and connect with the masses.

There is a method to the madness of spreading positive and negative news. But do you know where to start in the process?

Let us know about the other platforms that reach the masses in the same way!

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