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The ‘unusual’ things I do to relax – #wellbeing

DNM 76Sometimes, I am randomly inspired to post the most random things about the business. As a consequence of a tweet I just saw about beer, I was inspired to write about ladies who drink beer.  Random? Then I changed the theme to the unusual things I do to relax.

What does society think about professional women who drink beer?   Or different cultures that do things outside the norm of that culture? Personally, I do not care.  However, I  sometimes receive a disapproving look as most of my counterparts grab their glass of white wine or eat sweet and sour chicken, as I drink my beer and eat my sushi.  However, for me, a bottle of beer and a plate of sushi and cycling for hours on end is a great way to relax.

What do you do to relax?

My appreciation for beer

guyana-banks-beerIn all honesty, my favourite drink is Southern Comfort and most mixers.  However, I also have a real love for beer. It started when I was in my 20’s and got my hands onto my first bottle of Banks Beer.  From the first sip, I have always found that there was and still is something amazingly refreshing about the bitter taste of a chilled Banks Beer in the baking sun. I have consistently responded well to the bitter taste of beer, and although you would never see me down at the pub downing pints of the cool stuff every week.  I cannot contain my happiness for a glass or bottle of beer with sushi (another of my passions).

Sushi loving

Fun-Guys_Dinner_Tolmach_March-2010_Sushi-BeerMy second passion (as mentioned above) is Sushi.  As a person of Guyanese heritage, eating raw fish is not something we culturally do.  However, my passion for sushi is second to none.  I do enjoy Yo Sushi in Selfridges, Wasabi and Itsu.  However, in Canary Wharf, just near to Billingsgate Market (Fish Market), there is a Sushi place called Feng Sushi. It is hidden away behind the Market, and you can take away some of the most fantastic Sushi!

Pedalling passion

My third and final unconventional thing I enjoy doing is night riding.  I was introduced to this by my good friend Marlene.

night right

Another night ride

I take total responsibility for signing up to this madness without any research.  What did I do?  I signed up to do a charity ride from London to Brighton. Yes, one of the most foolish things to do without researching it.

However, at the same time, it is one of the most exhilarating and blessed experiences of my life.  I was totally unprepared for the miles, hills and tears at the end. Over 8 hours later, I made it to the finish line.  Since then I am hooked on night rides.  Raising money for great causes, but at the same time getting so much out of it.  I feel blessed that I have the health and the mental stamina to do this and hope to continue this for many years to come. So here is what I am really thinking.

These things are not really unconventional at all, they are just things that “society” has decided to partition off as activities associated with particular cultures.  However, my desire to live life to the fullest, embrace challenges and try different things, means that my life is fuller for these experiences.  It is that attitude that also helps an individual to build amazing businesses. Never allow other peoples perception about what you should do to limit your vision, passions or desires. So my question to you is, what things do you do that most people would find unusual?  Send us your activities and pictures, I would love to see what makes you happy.

PS:  I am getting into meditation, but this is for my next inspired post!

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