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The importance of Patience – (Tedx – Video)

Although I do not agree that patience is the MOST important leadership skill, I would agree that is a VERY important virtue to possess in business.

There is a saying, “your lack of preparation does not become my emergency”, one of the important things to acknowledge about this quote is the fact that more often than not, people expect you to respond immediately to their demands and requests when they have not executed or taken the time out to prepare properly.

In these instances, it is imperative that as an agency you do not emulate the behaviour of the client, but instead, you take a moment and get calm and respond with patience and in patience.

How do you demonstarte patience in this moment?

  1. Notify the client that you have received their demands, and let them know that you will respond in as soon as possible. ASAP – does not mean – immediately in this instance means when it is convenient for you.
  2. Do not respond to any phone calls from the client within the first hour of the email. The client is likely to want to transfer their panic or desperation to you. For clarity, you need space between yourself and the problem. This will make you more effective in your job and in your response.
  3. Respond from a position of peace, calm and love. There is always a different outcome to a solution depending on how you respond to the problem. The best solutions never come from fear or anger. But instead, try to find the kindest place within you and help the client from there.

I hope you found these tips helpful.

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