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The impact of entrepreneurship on your mental health (Video)

Stress, depression and isolation, sleep deprivation and an insane amount of jealousy, are just a small handful of indicators that life is getting too much for your body to handle.

This is further compounded by the impact the spotlight entrepreneurs receive for their successes and failures, which are made swiftly apparent for the world to see via social media.

Entrepreneurship, magnified by social media has a modern-day impact on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  The intense need to be seen as successful, in control and maintaining a level of equilibrium pulls on resources of our body we need to adjust to.

Within the space of marketing, there is a tendency to believe that success will only come through, painting a glossy, perfect, image.  However, the truth of success is fundamentally based on honest, transparent, concise communication.

At FP Comms here are a few tips we share with our clients to get through mentally challenging issues in entrepreneurship and as a business builder.

  1. Surround yourself with good, positive, and some cases expert people
  2. Do not get attached to either negative or positive comments online
  3. Do not compare yourself to other people and their business
  4. Do not share false narratives about your business
  5. Own up to your mistakes, even if it is just to yourself
  6. Eat well
  7. Understand that everyone fails, so you are not alone.
  8. Breath – this is particularly important when doing public presentations.  It helps with the delivery of your message

These are just a few tips you will find helpful.  However, it is always good to hear from recognisable successful people.  Listen/watch this short video by Jamal Edwards as he speaks about Mental Health and the Music Industry.

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