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Simple marketing lessons to be learned from Sister Act the film.

When you think of Sister Act, what comes to mind?
Is one of the answers business?

For many years I have watched and enjoyed the film Sister Act, both one and two.   However, today I indeed had a spiritual awakening, I saw something that I never saw before, and I wanted to share this ‘divine’ inspiration with you.

What can Sister Act one; starring Whoopi Goldberg, teach us about marketing our business?

If you have not seen the film, Whoopi Goldberg’s character Deloris Van Cartier – a lounge singer, witnesses a murder and is placed under police custody in a convent for her protection.

Her character clashes with both the culture of the convent and her Mother Superior, because of her:

  • Unique style
  • Past lifestyle
  • Her conflicts with the establishment. 

As hours, turn into days and weeks, with many twist and turns, she ends up in the familiar realm of music, be-it the choir.  There she uses her creative skills and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the choir.

After hours of planning and rehearsals, the choir perform the familiar traditional song, ‘Oh Maria’ at a regular mass.  Initially, the song is executed beautifully in a classic church-like fashion, however after a slight pause, the tempo is quickened, and with a considerable amount of passion and gusto, the old traditional song is transformed, into a masterpiece that starts to attract a new audience from the streets, literally ‘bums on seats’.  However, regardless of visibly increased numbers of attendees, Mother Superior is unimpressed by the modernisation.


So what is the lesson here?

Well, dear business owner – YES YOU; you need to get your ‘boogie, woogie’ on and start being imaginative when it comes to attracting new customers.

Think creatively about the way you connect with your customers. You may not have to change your message entirely, but your delivery may need a bit of work.

Be brave and try something different to increase your; sales, database and traffic. If, however, you are not courageous enough, reach out and find someone who can add a new flavour to your communication strategy.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Start something new – it may become a trend – (EG: Flashmob)
  • Do something unique to your industry (EG:  One of our clients hosted a quarterly showcase promoting  Commercial Film Director’s work)
  • Say it authentically, concisely, and regularly.

Happy Marketing!!

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