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PR straight talk – I don’t have the time …..

So how do you make it happen?  How do you achieve the PR success you want.

Well, the first thing is to take a deep breath.  You are working hard, and you should give yourself a chance.  PR is not your skill set, any more than being a surgeon is mine – it takes training and discipline.

One of the first things you have to accept is that journalists, bloggers and vloggers are people. They need you to connect with them on a personal, human level.  ‘That can be time-consuming I hear you say’.  “Well, yes; it is”.  However, to achieve excellent traction in the press, you have to spend the time to understand what the journalists write about and what they are covering at that time.

The second thing is patience.  Journalists receive 100s and 1000s of releases. If they do read all of them (which I cannot imagine they can), it will take time.  So please do not keep harassing them, it can be frustrating.

Timing is everything.  Do you know the day or time that they print/publish their content?  Find out.

Presentation is everything.  Learn about the formats and requirements of the publication.  Images that are too small or are not clear enough, it will almost guarantee your story ending in the bin.

A short while ago I interviewed a journalist from Guestlist magazine  about achieving coverage – LISTEN HERE (start listening from about 30:00)

We have also set an easy to use PR SERVICE to get you off the ground GET ME PR

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  1. Adam Thomas says:

    PR can be so difficult to crack but once you do it’s really worthwhile

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