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Powerful tips to handling negativity

In business you will be constantly confronted with behaviour designed to:

  • Overpower you
  • Bully you
  • Make you doubt your knowledge, skill or ability
  • Make you fearful
  • Change your mind
  • Make the other person feel more powerful
  • Hide their insecurities

Whatever the reason for negativity here is a list of a few powerful tips to handling yourself in those situations:

  • Create a gap between yourself and the other person. Even if you are in a meeting and you are confronted with negativity. Either excuse yourself and take a toilet break or just respond that you will get back to them later. This allows you clear thinking time.
  • Ask the question: Have I done something to offend you? This a powerful question that throws the aggressor off script. You have taken the initiative and dealt with the issue head-on.
  • Respond only from a position of power. When you respond in anger, you will never get the correct outcome. You may get short-term gratification, but the underlying issue will still persist.
  • Ignore negativity. If you can ignoring negativity is the best solution. Not everyone deserves your time. 🙂

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