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Influencers unveiled – Elaine Burns – Skincare expert

Working with the right Influencers for your business can help you elevate and propel businesses to the next level.  In addition, brands seeking to be long-term sustainable and powerful businesses should also realise the additional benefit of working with passionate and focused Influencers is the human touch they bring to your business, that no other form of advertising can bring.

At FP Comms, we delve into the world of the power of Influencers.  What is the essence of a successful relationship and how do you as a brand build your business through working with them!


What makes a great partnership?

For me, it’s realistic expectations and an understanding of the audience you both speak to.

Being real, playing to both sides’ strengths and remembering that followers/viewers/readers are looking for authenticity and will make their minds up based on what they want and when they want it.  This is key.


What is the essence of a good Influencer?

I think it depends on the age group and under 30s will probably say excellent Instagram worthy imagery first, content second.

For us over 30s, I’d say it’s education over influence as we want to know that the Influencer really knows what they’re talking about and we can spot sponsored content with no integrity a mile off. Being knowledgeable about your niche area, approachable and actively engaged with your audience and their questions is key for me.


What makes a good brand for you?

A good brand for me has transparent and solid ethics.  It is also open to the collaborative process and fresh ideas that can come from a different angle plus it’s a bonus if they are energetic and fun.


What do you think differentiates a great brand approach, from a good brand approach to a bad brand approach?

Great brand approach – Starting off with a mutual respect for what you are both creating in your respective fields with the opportunity to create something unique through a collaboration.

Also understanding that, as we are mostly freelancers, it is beneficial to keep to timelines, agreed project plans and payment schedules as we have to schedule our work very precisely in order to fulfil our full potential on each project.  This includes research, writing, filming, editing, social media outreach…it’s labour intensive when there’s often a team of just one.

Good brand approach – An honest approach with a clear outline of what they are looking for and what they can realistically offer in return for a collaboration.  Understanding that every ‘want’, might not be fulfilled if they don’t have the means to support the Influencer on their side of the project (e.g. the content creation process, timescales of work etc.).  Allowing enough time for the best results.

Bad brand approach – Impatient, wanting a level of content for an apparent lack of funding (not necessarily monetary, but often creating a product on a large scale and reaching out with a prefix that they don’t have a marketing budget).

Trying to belittle audience or outreach size in order to barter down your worth or playing your audience off against another Influencer who they claim has a much larger following than you, therefore suggesting you aren’t worth your fee.

Expecting a project to result in direct sales when the reality is that brand awareness takes time and you can’t neatly link a project launch with sales as customers may be waiting until they want to buy something, after seeing it several times before making the purchase or wait until there is an incentive later in the year.  As an Influencer, you are part of the marketing chain, which is becoming increasingly more complicated as social media evolves.


If you think of one thing that surprised you when you started in this sector what would it be?

I didn’t set out to be thought of as an Influencer in any way.  I started my channel to educate people who were learning the skills that I was teaching my clients privately and in colleges and through this, I discovered that viewers trusted what I had to say and wanted to subscribe for more content.  It was very organic, a natural process and in no-way created as a sales channel.  Anything featured on the channel is because I like it, I use it and I believe in it.  Even if viewers don’t need or want those products, they trust that I won’t just pop anything on a video.


What is the biggest misconception do you think people have about Influencers?

That it’s a freeloading opportunity or that we’re greedy and trying to exploit money from brands and followers alike.  If you become an Influencer by chance, as many do, you’ll have naturally found an audience that connects with you and it’s a very slow process of building your channel and listening to what your subscribers like and dislike when you try out new approaches.

It also takes a lot of planning, research, editing and more to produce good quality content and if it was as simple as taking a picture or waxing lyrical about a product or company with no prior knowledge, then there would be no-one of integrity creating content.  Many of us do it because we see the benefit in learning about products as we purchase them from brands and we love it.



To learn more about Elaine, the work she does and the power of Influencers visit HOME SPA BEAUTY youtube channel

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