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Humour MUST come from within the brand!!!

Humour has been at the heart of so many advertising campaigns, to the point where it has become a trend. Brands try so hard to be funny in order to entertain their audience, that their marketing message gets lost in the process. To convey humour within your advertising campaign you need to find humour within the brand and the products/services that you offer.

Tic Tac did just that when they created their worst breath in the world campaign, they found the comical element within the brand and their product and built on the campaign from there. Not only did they develop a way of implementing humour into their advertising but they also focused on including customers within it, making the advertising enjoyable for the people involved and the people watching.

Find the humour element within the brand and focus on a way of showing that, rather than creating a funny advertising campaign for the sake of wanting to be funny.

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