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How do you decide on the right printer for your business?

I know that we are all trying to cut down on our paper consumption and reverse the damage to the environment. However, people still enjoy the feel of pages between their fingers. So how do you select the right printers for you and your business?

Here are a few tips on finding the right printer for you and your business:

  • Is the printing company skilled and knowledgeable about the wide range of formats available?
  • Is the printing company interested in your business as a whole or are they just interested in securing all your printing jobs?
  • Are you able to visit the printing company and see their machinery on site?
  • Does the printing company align with your values?
  • Does the printing company use sustainable materials?

The number one quality we look for.

At FP Comms we seek one key quality outside of skill and expertise in our suppliers and that attribute is a positive relationship. We want to have a personal and good relationship with our suppliers. Printing can be a very personal exercise and one that can sometimes require last minute changes, trust and more often than not a tight budget.

If you find a printing firm that matches your values and business needs, combined with skill and professionalism, you are onto a winner.

Do you still use professionals printers?

What do you look for in a printing company?

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  1. Paul Fox says:

    Brilliant and thank you so much for this.

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