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The price to be paid for dishonesty in marketing

Every business starts out trying to draw you in with a manifesto or a mission statement, announcing and sharing their vision, goal and objectives. However, the success of the brand can often be measured by the ‘attractiveness’ of the story and how that business has been marketed.

But does the principle of progress, stand the test of time?
And what is the collateral damage of living in a world where success is not always measured by talent?

I believe this is where marketing companies should have a responsibility to become truth-seekers. As marketers, we are drawn to representing businesses with a specific niche. Which provides a client with knowledge of expertise and accessibility provided by the agency.

But what about the truth? Should an agency be held responsible for promoting an ‘in-authentic’ company? I say we should. I think in this growing world of consumerism, one of the filters should be through the agency-client relationship. I believe that consumers deserve to be able to trust that their choices of the product, is delivered honestly.

As utopian as it sounds, the time for this transformation is now. The effects of consumerism are dramatically impacting our society and manifesting through our mental health, finances and environment. Organisations such as the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) are often highlighting and monitoring;

  • Press ads, Radio and TV ads (including teleshopping presentations)
  • Ads on the internet, smartphones and tablets
  • Ad claims on companies’ own websites
  • Commercial e-mail and text messages
  • Posters/billboards, Leaflets and brochures
  • Ads at the cinema
  • Direct mail, (whether addressed to you personally or not).

However, marketing agencies also have a responsibility for ensuring that on the ground, we elevate the voice of small and growing businesses and communicate the messages of trustworthy companies.

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