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Responsibility of clients. What do they want?

A number of the staff that work for FP Comms enjoy the US TV drama Scandal and the lead character Olivia Pope runs a ‘Fixer’ Firm.  The agency hones in on their client’s needs and gets to the SOLUTION at any cost.

The question to ask your client is always

What do you want to achieve?

Are you building a business as a legacy?  Are you building a business just to make money?  Are you building a business to sell?  Are you building a business to float on the stock market?  What is the goal of your business?

It is every client’s responsibility to be clear, concise and confident about what they want to achieve.  When a client has a clear vision and objective in mind, a marketing company will and should fight tooth and nail to help the client achieve that goal.

For us, the most valuable clients know clearly what they want for their business.  They have a vision, idea and a goal.  They like innovation and are never afraid of challenges.

As a company, we fight tooth and nail for clients like that.  We love the challenge of towering and being heard above the visual and social noise in the press and media; so that we can help them connect with their consumer and customers.

Our final thought.

There is something to be said about being a warrior for our craft, it allows us the mental space to push the boundaries and think further afield.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Nana Evans says:

    I love this !
    I wonder, is there ever a request from a client that is unrealistic from their current position?
    Do wants need to be realistic?

    • FP Comms says:

      We have found that unrealistic requests ALWAYS happens when a client is reactive and tries to demand something out of fear or ego. Unrealistic requests also happens when a client loses focus of their goal and starts to react to the next best thing. An example of this is a client who thinks they should be on all social media platforms, but their client base is 80 plus. However, they want to be on Instagram because ‘everyone’ says it is the correct one when maybe, podcasts would be the best resource for you until you build your following on podcast, then maybe join Instagram. A client with a clear focus may need to react to an opportunity, but unrealistic is when they react out of fear.

      Thank you Nana for your comment. I hope you keep enjoying the posts.

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