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Category Archives: Interviews and Podcast

USA vs UK Media.

Promoting your business in the 21st Century is a skill of connecting with the real Influencers. But who are the real Influencers? In the UK and the USA, they are different, but you may be surprised by the list of the real Influencers. And unfortunately, the disparity between the two nations are vast. However, the […]

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How to manage a micromanager as an agency

Here are a few take aways: They may be micormanaging you because: They may be under a lot of pressure You may be in the early stage of your working relationship and you are developing a relationship of trust. Have empathy as they may not have the skills to manage effectively. How to address the […]

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4 Simple Ways to Use Podcasting to Grow Your Brand & Increase Your Reach by Lillian Ogbogoh

Right now you can’t go anywhere without someone mentioning one or two they are listening to, even giant media corporations are jumping on the bandwagon. I am talking about podcasting! You probably have the favourites that you are currently listening to or maybe you are just getting into them. The fact of the matter is […]

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