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Category Archives: FP Design

How do great leaders think?

I know many of us would contemplate the actions of the homeless guy as high risk.  His actions could be misconstrued as something other than kindness.  However, the homeless guy obviously could not just stand by and watch this child remain cold and shivering for much longer.  Therefore, he took action and provided what he […]

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Your business vision needs you to show up! (Video)

Sometimes you dig so deep into your soul to achieve your business vision, that life feels that the world is not giving you anything back. However, to make great things, may take a change of perspective, because it is in those deepest darkest hours that the saying ‘these are all lessons GOD would have us […]

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Use your uniqueness to stand out in the crowd

What do they REALLY want the world to know about your company/ your brand?

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Building your brand

Many business people are fearful of success. Honestly, they are. Success takes determination, passion, focus and drive.  It takes sacrifice and a healthy level of intelligent manoeuvring that many people refuse to allow their minds to comprehend. It also takes an uncompromising level of honesty and clarity, as you have to be very clear about […]

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