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Category Archives: Experiental Marketing

How do you decide on the right printer for your business?

I know that we are all trying to cut down on our paper consumption and reverse the damage to the environment. However, people still enjoy the feel of pages between their fingers. So how do you select the right printers for you and your business? Here are a few tips on finding the right printer […]

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The result of Determination is YOU!

What is the outcome of Determination? I am personally one of the most determined people I know. I firmly believe that if I think it, I can achieve it. But, I wanted to know about the real result of Determination? First, I considered a fact of life. I am obviously black, and my existence has […]

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How much does it really cost to do a pop-up?

Businesses are always seeking ways to increase their profile, sales and brand collateral. One of the many tools within the marketing arsenal is the Pop-up. The pop-up is best categorised as a “temporary retail experience, within a selected utilised environment, usually within a high footfall location, of an unusual, underutilised or/and alternative location’. Pop-ups are […]

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Working with your community to build a business

It takes a village to raise a child, and a community to build a town. In the UK (Western World) business building and entrepreneurship is usually seen as an independent endeavour.  However, when budgets are tight and experience is lacking, what can you do to accomplish some of the tasks that help you achieve the […]

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