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Category Archives: Marketing Moves

The world of capitalism is changing, and women are leading the charge

I remember when I first started in the business, I decided that I was going to compete with the biggest and the best, I was going to change an industry and make a difference in people’s lives. There was only one problem with that vision – I was building the foundations, based on the old […]

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The Marketing Experience by Aleyah Babb-Benjamin

I have chosen to use the word ‘experience’ in the title of this blog, because my two weeks here at FP Comms have been exactly that – and an enriching, insightful and pleasant one to say the least. Before even having arrived in the office, Nicola informed me that my two weeks interning here shall […]

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Three marketing lessons you can learn from atrocious movie remakes – Sam Bailey

The other week my brother and I found ourselves in an argument. This is not particularly unusual, and this argument was about which is the superior Karate Kid film – the original or the remake. For me the answer will always be the original version starring Pat Moira and Ralph Macchio, for my brother (admittedly […]

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Investing and building your business (Video)

Puriskin with Birchbox

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Entrepreneurs on the growth lane?

a marketing audit and plan can only be supported by a strategic business plan because your marketing plan …

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