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Category Archives: Business News

Mother, business and parenthood.

Being a mother does not stop the ability to build amazing businesses. Do not allow others to discourage your dreams and goals because they do not have the courage to live theirs.

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Publicise 2020

ABOUT PUBLICISE 2020 Each release will provide: Business visibility SEO and online presence for these businesses. Be seen as an authority and influencer Increase traffic to your website Big savings and huge value For your fee, you will receive: One press release written and distributed Access to 20 years of PR experience Access to a […]

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You are never too old to achieve your dreams.

There are times in life when you feel and believe that you have lost the best parts of your years and the idea of starting over feels like too bog a mountain to climb. However, take heart, here are a few people you may recognise that started later in life and achieved their dreams and […]

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Womanhood: the day you choose to have it all.

I have always believed that I could have it all.  I still do.  For me, it was important that my life should reflect my ambition, determination and drive. I knew that I wanted to know what my kids would look like. I knew that I wanted to run my own company. I knew that I […]

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PR straight talk – I don’t have the time …..

So how do you make it happen?  How do you achieve the PR success you want. Well, the first thing is to take a deep breath.  You are working hard, and you should give yourself a chance.  PR is not your skill set, any more than being a surgeon is mine – it takes training […]

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