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Category Archives: Be Inspired!

Our stories that go to the heart of who FP Comms is as a company. What we stand for, and how we want to serve the world.

Stop Faking Your Small Business Personality

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde wasn’t talking about small business personalities when he wrote that, but he could have been. I see many small business owners and micro-entrepreneurs starting out by looking at their competitors and trying to do the same things that they do – in exactly the same way. […]

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Simple marketing lessons to be learned from Sister Act the film.

When you think of Sister Act, what comes to mind? Is one of the answers business? For many years I have watched and enjoyed the film Sister Act, both one and two.   However, today I indeed had a spiritual awakening, I saw something that I never saw before, and I wanted to share this ‘divine’ […]

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The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Managing a PR Crisis

What is a ‘PR Crisis’? To use the term, PR Crisis can be both confusing and revealing because most of us will have differing views about what constitutes a crisis. That said, a ‘PR Crisis is a moment when the behaviour of a business does not fulfil the needs of the consumer, which can have […]

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What successful people do first thing in the morning

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The insanity of bad business – Mental Health Awareness

There are numerous books and films dedicated to helping entrepreneurs learn and build businesses. However, we have noticed that the recommendations from the experts are all usually the same and they fit in the same category of: Male, Caucasian and usually over 30 Is this a problem? ‘There is a saying the definition of insanity is doing the […]

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