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Many business people are fearful of success. Honestly, they are.

Success takes determination, passion, focus and drive.  It takes sacrifice and a healthy level of intelligent manoeuvring that many people refuse to allow their minds to comprehend.

It also takes an uncompromising level of honesty and clarity, as you have to be very clear about your vision and what you stand for.

At FP Comms we love our growing list of clients and suppliers; they are innovative, passionate, hardworking and determined to succeed.  However, we recognise that the sacrifice required to achieve maximum success can often be beyond the desire and ability of most business people.  This limitation and fear can be a hindrance to achieving brand success.

There is a poem by Marianne Williamson – Our Deepest Fear.  In the poem there is a line – ‘Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure’.   Brands that succeed are unafraid and unapologetic about ensuring people understand what they stand for and why they deserve customer loyalty and an expanding customer base.

Brands that want to expand and grow are open and willing to participate in creative experiences that naturally may not be typical of their sector, but understand that an appropriate alternative approach can make the difference to their business growth.

Here are a few brands that have faced their fears to achieve worldwide success; however, you always have to stay one step ahead.

Here are a few brands you can learn a few lessons from.

ULTIMOUltimo was first launched in 1999 at Selfridges where they did a stunt to grab the attention of the media.  Mone launched Ultimo at Selfridges department store in London using actors playing Plastic Surgeons to “protest” that her new Bra would put them out of business, accompanied by a few models wearing her lingerie, all outside the store. Apparently, it is known as the biggest ever bra launch in the UK, with over 50 photographers present and camera crews from all over the world.  Since then they have had a lot of celebrity campaigns which have been extremely successful.  Michelle is always coming up with new ideas and she is an impulsive person.  ‘If  I get an idea in my head, I will do whatever I can to make it work. I think the timing is really important and making sure you are saying something that will instantly capture someone’s attention’.

FRENCH CONNECTION – It’s undeniable that French Connection’s arresting FCUK branding tapped into the logo-laden zeitgeist of the Nineties. Simple T-shirts adorned with the controversial slogan, and what seemed like a million permutations thereof, were perfect for wearing with combat pants and a girl-power pout, or the requisite parka and scowl depending on which side of the gender divide you fell. But as fashion changed from combative and exuberant to something more staid and safe, French Connection’s slow reaction caused the label to be left behind.

VIRGIN – It is a marketing person dream.  It understands clearly what it stands for.  Our first-hand experience of working with Virgin Galactic was an education every marketing person should have access to

Anyway, building a brand is about success.  Success is words that require a steadfast focus, hard work and a little luck; and regardless of how you decide to define success, surround yourself with people that understand your vision and ambition.

Which obviously means you need a plan.

Do you have a plan?

Nicola Millington

This post was originally published in May 2013

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