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Bloggers & Brands: What’s The Benefit Of Collaboration For Businesses? By Beth Mahoney


Blank notepad over laptop and coffee cupToday, one of the most popular ways brands can grow their exposure is through working with bloggers. The relationship between bloggers and brands has changed dramatically over the past few years, with many companies realising the potential that collaborating with bloggers can hold. Especially, collaborating with bloggers who hold a ‘celebrity’ status.


The likes of Zoella and The Sunday Girl for example, who have millions of followers between them, hold a celebrity-like status. All they have to do is mention a product on their site and any store that stocks them will sell out. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the point. These girls have huge influence over what’s in and what’s out, in the beauty industry, at least. And it’s the same in every industry; there are bloggers who hold a lot of power. From fashion and beauty to food and business, there are bloggers who are seen as being the demigods of their niche.


It’s no wonder that brands are choosing to work with bloggers when they have such a big influence on the products that are popular. A recent study found that 80% of people trust the advice given by bloggers and just over 60% of people have made a purchase based on what a blogger has recommended.


With that in mind, it’s time to talk about the benefits of collaborating with bloggers – with followings of all shapes and sizes, for businesses. What is it that’s made working with bloggers such a popular form of marketing for businesses in every industry?


It’s time to hear what some business owners think about working with bloggers.

mr singhs

When asked what the main benefit of working with bloggers has been, most brands agree that it’s boosting brand awareness. They also say that the reason bloggers are such a great resource for boosting awareness is because their followers trust their opinions. According to Ally Bee, a boutique fashion brand, “Followers trust their [bloggers’] opinion as it is seen not to be biased, except of course in the event of paid sponsored blogs.” Many business owners, such as Mr. Singhs, a gourmet sauce company, believe that bloggers have an “authenticity to their viewpoint which can help give new customers to your brand the confidence to connect with you.”


Aside from the obvious benefit of working with bloggers – gaining exposure, there are various reasons brands love working with bloggers. For some companies, like all natural beauty brand, Toulou Organics, it’s being able to interact with the blogger’s followers and grow your audience. For other brands, like Ally Bee, it’s the fact that bloggers know their audience so well and know what will work for them.

alley bee

When asked whether they thought that blogging was one of the most effective ways of increasing product exposure, most brands agreed that it is. Take Toulou Organics, for example; they would agree that collaborating with bloggers is very effective, depending, of course, on their reach and target audience. While other brands, like Mr. Singhs, agree that while collaborating with bloggers is an effective method of increasing product exposure, it is merely one of many methods. Ally Bee believe that “It [blogging] is an important route to product exposure, but all the other routes must be covered at the same time – social media, website, and other media.”

toulou 1

When it comes to choosing bloggers to work with, of course, it’s essential that they fit your niche. But it’s also crucial to pick bloggers that have potential to make it big, as if you work with them while they’re small, you’re more likely to be able to continue to work with them as they grow their reach, increasing your exposure. Mr. Singhs believe that brands should “work with them [bloggers] before they get really big and choose the people you work with wisely. ”


Let’s recap how working with bloggers can benefit brands:


  • They can help you reach your target market by boosting exposure.
  • Bloggers are fantastic influencers and can encourage their readers to invest in your products.
  • They can offer personalised recommendations that their readers trust, boosting your chances of increasing sales.
  • Bloggers can get your product talked about via their social media channels. Once again, boosting awareness of your brand and creating a ‘buzz’ around your products.
  • They can drive traffic to your site via adding a link to their posts that link to your products. This can, in turn, boost your online sales.


So there you have it, the benefits of collaborating with bloggers for businesses explained.


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