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Author Archives: FP Comms

The importance of Patience – (Tedx – Video)

Although I do not agree that patience is the MOST important leadership skill, I would agree that is a VERY important virtue to possess in business. There is a saying, “your lack of preparation does not become my emergency”, one of the important things to acknowledge about this quote is the fact that more often […]

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How do you decide on the right printer for your business?

I know that we are all trying to cut down on our paper consumption and reverse the damage to the environment. However, people still enjoy the feel of pages between their fingers. So how do you select the right printers for you and your business? Here are a few tips on finding the right printer […]

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How to manage a micromanager as an agency

Here are a few take aways: They may be micormanaging you because: They may be under a lot of pressure You may be in the early stage of your working relationship and you are developing a relationship of trust. Have empathy as they may not have the skills to manage effectively. How to address the […]

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Powerful tips to handling negativity

In business you will be constantly confronted with behaviour designed to: Overpower you Bully you Make you doubt your knowledge, skill or ability Make you fearful Change your mind Make the other person feel more powerful Hide their insecurities Whatever the reason for negativity here is a list of a few powerful tips to handling […]

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Managing Compassionately

Linkedin partnered with CBS to share a message of compassion in business. Lessons: Clarify your values Create measurable goals How do you recruit Learn the difference between mission and vision.

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