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Working with your community to build a business

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to build a village.  In the UK (Western World) business building and entrepreneurship can be seen and is usually seen as an independent endeavour.  However, when budgets are tight and experience is lacking, what can you do to accomplish some of the tasks.  Here are a few suggestions for amazing growing businesses:


  • Connect with the youth in your network.  At our fingertips you will have young people who understand and live on social media platforms.  Why not channel that energy, knowledge and interest to your advantage.  There are training course and events that your young people can sign up to, to help them understand business etiquette.


  • Lean on the Matriarchs and Patriarchs within your community.  They can often require a little extra cash to help subsidise their pension.  However, most importantly they have a wealth of experience and love to feel useful.


  • Share online resources.  There can be times where you need to subscribe to an expensive online directory or resource – £5000 plus per year.  Why not pool together with other like minded businesses and subscribe together to use.


  • Collaborate and change the norm.  When you remove the greed out of capitalism, it allows for great businesses to be built.  It removes the ego from the equation and helps aligned parties to collaborate and build powerful entities.

There are numerous ways to connect and build your business.

What resources are you using to help you build your business?


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