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Why it is important to attract amazing clients?

When you are running your own business, especially a service based business, relationships are of paramount importance.

Attracting amazing clients is something that many people neglect to consider when focusing on their bottom line – (it is about quality not quantity). However, we have seen a direct correlation in our bottom line when working with great, dedicated clients.

Here are some of the ways to help you attract great clients, especially in a service based industry:

  • Be open to their initial fear.  – Most business owners are afraid that they are going in too How-entrepreneurs-can-attract-ideal-clients-to-their-business-KOTAW-Content-Marketingdeep and should go back to their 9 -5.  By spending a little time with your clients, listening to their fears and really pushing them to honestly face the reason for creating the business, can save you both time and money in the long run.
  • Find their best line of communication – Communication is key in every relationship. Through ascertaining if they prefer to respond to email over a telephone call, text, ….. whatever their preferred choice of communication, find out early in the relationship what that is and work with them whenever possible via that platform.
  • Disrupt the status quo – You are more than likely going to deliver a service that every other company in your industry offers.  However, find your own unique way to provide an entry level service for your clients, to help them connect with you and you with them.  This is likely to be something other businesses are unwilling to offer, because it takes effort.

Finally, demonstrate and live your mission and vision statement.  Our tagline is Marketing With Love.  However, because we live our mission and vision in all we do, we attract like minded clients, who want a company like ours and all that Love stands for in the world of marketing.

Have a great day and continue to grow your amazing businesses.

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