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Why does FP Comms say thank you to journalists?

There is a saying ‘manners maketh man’.  Many people have asked us, ‘Why do you say thank you to journalists via social media?”.

One of the principles of FP Comms is basic etiquette, of which saying THANK YOU is one of them.

Why is this important?  For us, gratitude is one of the founding principles of building a better society.  It demonstrates a level of integrity and value about ourselves and speaks to the goals we are working hard to achieve.

One of the key errors businesses make today, is in bulking all journalists as the same.

In fact, it is good to remind ourselves that they are a selection of individuals,  all operating in the same eco-system of journalism.  Like with every eco-system, there are species you can get on with better than others.  However, as human-beings, they are essentially individuals with the job description of Journalists with one thing in common.  They have a desire to be respected and acknowledged for their craft.  We need them as much as they need us.

For us, saying THANK YOU using social media is one of our ways of acknowledging their craft and demonstrating our gratitude.

As a business focused on helping to build, long-term, sustainable businesses, through constant and effective communication, we educate our clients in the ways of showing appreciation to journalists, when their businesses are featured/mentioned in a news story.


Here are a few tips on how to thank journalists via twitter.

  • Find the journalists social media handle
  • Find the publication’s social media handle
  • Copy the link to the article
  • Thank the journalist, including the handle of the publication and the link to the article.







Simple solution when you think about it!


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