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Why do you have to die to be appreciated?

I remember years ago my Grandmother saying to me, “I do not want a eulogy when I die.  If you have anything nice to say, tell me whilst I am alive”.

As a business builder (a person in the process of building a business)  it is true, that more often than not you do not realise what power you are having until after you have failed or succeeded.  During the process of building and growing, you seek and grow in what you seem to be tiny incremental amounts.  Yet, you would be surprised at the power you are having on your consumers, observers and silent supporters.

They do say that it is lonely as an entrepreneur, as you are not always certain that you are:

  • Doing the right thing
  • Having a positive impact
  • Making a difference

But if you pay attention, you will sometimes hear people accidentally slip in the fact that a post you wrote had an impact,


that the video you shared helped them through a day


the tips and tricks that you share help them to accomplish goals they did not know how to do.

At FP Comms the tagline is #Marketingwithlove and I often have to remind myself as the founder and creator of this company, that giving love does not guarantee love in return (in the short or long term)  However, as the company slowly grows, you slowly conversion of minds and souls.

It was Elizabeth Gilbert that said,
“when I wrote Eat Pray Love, I had one person in mind.”

I believe that in most cases that is the view you need to have about your business.  You need to think and focus on the single mission and from there you will attract your tribe.

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