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Book Review: What I know for sure

wikfsBOOK:  What I Know For Sure by Oprah

REVIEW BY:  Charley Jai                                       

There are so many books, novels and poetry that folks will say is “a must read” for many reasons such as an element of fun, or insight however, What I Know For Sure is, if there is anyone in the world {yes, the world} who has not read this beautifully cultivated wisdom by Oprah they have yet to meet the very key to living a more harmonious life whereby they are fully in sync with themselves. Not so much a lesson but, a reminder of all that is crucial to living as oppose to merely existing! I have read this book at least 3 times and each time I do I feel renewed, my faith is deepened, I feel enlightened and powerful. “Your journey begins with a choice to get up, step out and live fully”.



Review by Charley Jai:

Former actress turned Event Planner and Manager and more recently Radio Host and On-Screen Presenter, Charley once managed MonologueSlam UK (London) produced by the TriForce Creative Network where she introduced the ‘artist performance slot’ for musicians, dancers and other such performers to showcase their skills in a segment much for the entertainment of the audience, which would also serve to have the artist seen by professional industry persons. Those talents included Duane Lamonte (from UK vocal harmony group Brick City), Rapper Luc Skyz, street dance crew Boadicea and award-winning comedian Jason Patterson. Charley has co-coordinated events for many years and has worked alongside the likes of NLPR UK Ltd ( and Deal with D.V.  You can read more about her creative endeavours via her blog:

Social media:  @msCJ80     mscj80     Ms C Jai Creative


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