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What does Best of Britannia exhibtion have to offer?

This weekend the guys from FP Comms, have been on the ground with our client Puriskin, as they bring the experience of their products to life at Best of Britannia.  If you follow Puriskin, you will see that they have been going from strength to strength.


However, whilst there, we have met some amazing businesses, I can only highlight a handful of them in this post.  Just simply because, if I start, I will not be able to stop.  So here I go …

Promoting your business at an exhibition

Sample of Best of Britannia 2016 businesses

Andrew English:  That is literally his name and how apt to meet him at Best of Britannia.  I challenge anyone to forget his name or his amazing Jewellery. Stunning!  But, when you pop by to see him, ask him about his dog, Hester. She is officially a model and we have asked him to set up an Instagram page dedicated to her. –

Dear Barber:  For me, one of the best stands at the show.  The setup is amazing and although they are not cutting hair their live,  I think everyone needs to take a selfie at Dear Barber’s stand!


Photo from June Sarpong’s Fashion Show – LDNY at Best of Britannia  – #EmpoweringWomen

Rose and Willard:  This Best of Britannia exhibition has a strong underlying theme about empowering women.  Well, if you are a working woman who wants to embody and communicate your inner strength to the outside world, the clothes designed, created and also customised by Rose and Willard, are a vision for the working woman.  No stuffy, formulaic fashions here.  This range is truly a vision and passion of the owner.

I would be remiss not to mention food and drink.  There is such a nice array of beverages and delicacies to try.  Including The Sweet Potato Spirit Company . Personally, I think it is simply amazing.   The sweetness and smoothness make it a pleasure to consume.

In addition, there is a wide range of Men’s Fashion and tailoring.  I know people keep saying that British Manufacturing is dead, but there are so many talented craftsmen and women, right on our doorsteps.

I have not counted, but I understand there are approximately 120 British businesses exhibiting at Best of Britannia and quite frankly the vibe amongst the stall holders is amazing. From Beauty and Skincare to equipment for your bikes; it is great to see so many hardworking, ambitious businesses within the UK. We should all be so proud!

In addition, it is  a pleasure to celebrate and encounter businesses who are working very diligently to create a sustainable economy within the UK – that is the kind of news I want to hear more in our mainstream press.

So if your passion is about supporting independent and personal businesses, then pop over to the show, because, from alcohol to zips, there is so much to see.

The show runs until Sunday, 2nd October and is at Victoria House, Southampton Row.

NOTE:  This post is an independent view of the writer and I do not take responsibility for how much you fall in or out of love with the businesses you meet!


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