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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for your Entrepreneurial Friend!

We all have friends with ambitions of starting their own business.

Christmas is a great opportunity to show your friend the many beautiful ways you love and support their business idea.


Are you looking for the perfect gift for your entrepreneurial friend?

Instead of searching the stores for the latest toy, gadget or sweet smelling fragrance on Black Friday, why not give your friend a gift which could help them launch their dreams and ambitions, as well as elevate and encourage them?   Here are a few beautiful gift ideas for your Entrepreneurial Friend.


  • Does your friend like to read? Why not purchase your friend a year’s subscription to Audible.

Here is an interesting fact:  Did you know that successful business people read/consume on average 50 books per year?  With this gift, your friend will be inspired, educated and feel empowered, with a year’s access to many business and entrepreneurial books at their fingertips.     Price: £95.88 per year


  • Does your friend want to join a network or organisation? Why not help your friend by paying the membership fee for that organisation.  There are a few national UK organisations your friend may want to join, including Enterprise Nation or Federation of Small Business to name just two.     Price from: £100 – £200 per year.


  • Does your friend have a favourite designer they want to work with? You can connect with the designer and ask if they sell gift vouchers to be redeemed against their work.  The same can be said for PR, Marketing, Accountants or any other business suppliers.


  • Does your friend want to sign up for a workshop/seminar/event/training course? Why not gift your friend a ticket to attend that event.


  • You can create a hamper of business resources, application forms and stationery of useful equipment to help your friend’s business grow. The hamper can include application forms for:
    • The British Library – Business and IP Centre
    • The City Business Library

The hamper could also include: 1st and 2nd class stamps, a journal designed for the owner to plan and set short-term and long-term goals, a wall planner for the year ahead and even credits on


  • If your friend runs an LTD company – you could purchase shares in their company. You could become an early investor!  Of course, you will have to ask your friend for a business plan and speak to a professional, but in the early stages of your friend’s company; cash is king and becoming an investor can be an amazing gift!


  • If you do not have any cash and you want to show love and support for your friend’s business, why not give them a letter or a card committing actions of support, where you dedicate a few hours to help their business. This post by Alice Gbelia – 10 ways to Support Your Entrepreneur Friend may inspire you.


  • Everyone needs accountancy software. Excel may be free, but it takes up too much of your time.  Today, there are leading online platforms to help with the process of managing invoices, keeping your books in order and much more. Paying for their annual subscription is a real act of love for your friend and their business.   With a starting price for these platforms from £15 per month, here are a few suggestions:
    • Xero
    • Quickbooks
    • Sage


  • Your friend may want to become a member of a club, why not pay for their subscription for one year? Here are a few clubs for the entrepreneurs in the know:


I hope you like some of these ideas.  Entrepreneurship and building a business is not for the fainthearted.  However, successful businesses can help transform lives and build a legacy.  Your friend will need all of the above support and much more to succeed, but most of all they will need your:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Understanding

and although you may not understand what drives them to do what they are doing, and their vision may not be something that you can see or understand, all they want from you most of all is ‘No Judgement’.  Just believe and have faith that your support will be part of an amazing journey.

What next?

So with only have a few more weeks left to scheme and investigate the perfect gift for your friend we hope you are inspired by this post.




Copyright:  Nicola Millington

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