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The things you have to do everyday to keep your dream alive

As you are building your business, there are things that you need to happen every day to grow, maintain and sustain.

Here are tips from successful entrepreneurs:


  • Get clear about your vision.  Successful author and counselor, Iyanla Vanzant, shares her tips on the ways to nurture your vision. Watch this clip for inspiration  


  • Be disciplined.   It has been proven that being disciplined and focusing on the little tasks, can make a big difference.  It helps you to fine tune your craft and become an expert in your area.  It also allows people to see how you are likely to work with them.


  • Invest in yourself. There is a saying ‘My cup runneth over’  that is from the 23rd Psalm.  Basically, you can only give to the world, when you are full and over-flowing with abundance.  So invest in yourself.  Surround yourself with positive and dedicated people, who will keep filling you up with ideas, encouragment, experience, knowledge and even sales. Collaborate and work with people who fit into your ethos and ethics.  – For an obviously successful entrepreneur, Richard Branson shares some valuable tips.  Here are his views on building a strong culture


  • Ask for what you want.  Apparently, women are particularly bad at asking for what they want in business.  So although many of us spend alot of time nurturing our community, sometimes you need to ask for what you want, as, what you want and require may not be obvious to others.


Hoping that you are finding these tips helpful!

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