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The top 5 tips of handling your email provider when their servers go down.

So here we are, Tuesday, 19th Jan and FP Comms – a marketing company, is in the midst of working with some of our largest campaigns to date and increasing the profile of our clients, when we could not access our emails.

After further investigation, we discovered there was a problem with LCN.  The first thing we did was jump onto Twitter to see if anyone else had noticed or were experiencing the same problems and yes they had.

As a Marketing company we are of course reliant on our emails for much of our correspondence and of course, this situation impacted on our workflow.  However, something else happened in the process, we quickly decided not to make this a problem and started seeing some positive outcomes.

FP Comms and clients, commissioned shoot1st lesson.  Do not create additional problems for your business.  By not panicking, we recognised that we could solve this problem in other ways.  We decided to migrate from emails and use that thing called the telephone.  We contacted all of our clients who we felt would be impacted by the problem and then moved forward from there.


Lesson 2:  By being positive you demonstrate to your clients how competent you can be.  Believe it or not, this increased our client value.   I know for a fact clients noted how positive and proactive we were and responded positively to us.


devil-wears-prada-phoneLesson 3:  Treat others as you wish to be treated.  LCN is only 14 years old.  I looked at the fact that Mark Boost, Director and Founder of LCN is still actively involved in the business and therefore as an emerging and growing business, I am certain he would prefer anything than to have the problems he is having the past few days.   It occurred to me, how would I like my clients to treat my business if a problem occurred within FP Comms?


Lesson 4:  Problems can give you an opportunity to reassess and develop your business processes.  As I mentioned we are a growing company, but I am grateful that we have most of our emails backed up, we store most of our content elsewhere as a backup as well.  For me, this situation highlighted the importance of backing up.  So sometimes problems can help you test the stability of your business.


Lesson 5:  Never get involved in negative mob mentality behaviour.  For no other reason than it takes away your ability to positively grow your own business and develop your own vision. I feel that the time it takes for me to construct a negative tweet, I could be thinking of ways to inspire businesses

FP Comms SYB Magazine


I wrote this post because, as a Business owner and Entrepreneur, I feel that if we want to create a better economy and build amazing brands of the  future, we must act in a more considered and pro-active way.  Not in a way that destroys the potential of future great ideas from emerging.

If we beat up businesses like LCN today – (who are still growing and yes had a massive problem that impacted many), it feeds into the psyche of future entrepreneurs, including ourselves and it makes the proposition of starting and building amazing businesses all the more demoralising.

If we want a better economy, embrace the realities of building and growing a business, flaws and all.

Keep building amazing businesses people!!!!

Let me and my team know what you think?  Are there additional tips you can share when you are in the midst of a business problem? Let us know your thoughts.

4 Responses so far.

  1. What a clear course you steer when you choose to take a breath and realize the possibilities that are inherent in any situation. Thank you for the brilliance of your leadership, Nicola.

  2. Kunle says:

    Wise words indeed. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I use to run a complex international business without the facilities of the web. As did hundreds of thousands of other people.

    • FP Comms says:

      Thank you Kunle for your comment. Indeed technology can make us forget the purpose of the tech. It is a facilitator, it is not the goal.

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