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The power of the Masterclass – sharing your knowledge

At FP Comms we believe in two core principles:  Knowledge is power and  Love can conquer all hate and fear.

As an entrepreneur, you need daily encouragement, support, and inspiration from those who have gone before you, but you also need the wisdom to know that you can elevate and grow even bigger than your current circumstance.

On the 30th May 2017, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) launched Season 6 of their Masterclass

The ‘Masterclass’ is a term being coined by a number of businesses and institutions to communicate the sharing of knowledge from people who are being seen or recognised for going through a journey towards the road to success in a particular genre, sector or skill.  The knowledge from their experience is then passed down to those seeking to learn, understand and be inspired.

The OWN Masterclasses, showcase famous/well-known people who interact and have built a career serving the masses in a particular field.  This is both an empowering and Inspirational platform.  However, their journeys may seem like big leaps from where you are today.

However, there is also an opportunity for many local unsung heroes within local communities to do exactly the same.  Through, our I AM Masterclasses, we are bringing together some of the brightest and bravest stars within our community, demonstrating that on the ground level success is achievable and available to all.

Look out for our events, created to inspire and encourage you as you grow and succeed.

Start from where you are!

Meet Hannah McDuffus, the BednBreafasttt founder.

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