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The pillars of building a solid business – Looking at TRUST

When building a great business there are certain principles we need to claim and adopt within a business to create a better capitalist society.

Our business community is predicated on self, suspicion, solitude, and speed.  However, if we operate from a viewpoint of, community, trust, illumination, and persistence, we will find that the foundations and infrastructure of our businesses and our community will be firmer and longer lasting.


One of the areas which have been eroded through laws and a fear culture is our basic ability to trust each other in our daily lives.

We have been conditioned to fear the intentions and behavior of others, and our protectionism behavior patterns are designed so that we do not feel that we are foolish or vulnerable, in fact, our protectionism, is often confused with WISDOM, which gives us the false sense of being in control and intelligence.  When in actuality it is about limiting our relationships and at many times blocking ourselves off from new opportunities.

Trust is not about leaving yourself open to abuse; it is about paying attention to the relationships that help your personal growth, which can include entrepreneurship.


But what is TRUST?  How can we use it to build amazing businesses?

The definition of trust is

firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something” – Noun

believe in the reliability, truth, or ability of.” – Verb


The reality of both of these statements is that most people look at TRUST from an external point of view when the reality is that we need to develop a faith and belief aka TRUST in ourselves first.

The laws of the lands have placed so many rules and regulations within our economy, that we are unable to really decipher our own ability to make wise and positive decisions.


 The impact of social media on TRUST.

Social Media and the 24 hours news cycles, has made it difficult to differentiate between the information you can trust.  (Here is a question, how can you trust that this article is truthful and honest?)

Well, one of the things the quality of TRUST embodies as a characteristic is RELATIONSHIP.  To build trust, you have to build a relationship and over time you have to objectively assess the qualities of that relationship.

  • Have you seen how that person behaves under stress?
  • Are you in ease or un-ease around that person?

The same rules apply in business.

  • Have you seen how that business behaves under attack and stress?
  • Do you find it pleasurable or un-pleasurable to do business with this organization?

Over time you should constantly review those questions, but if you do not have time, investigate the information you are receiving.  This clarity will build your trust levels with the company you have an interaction with.


Learn from those who have gone before you.

However, if you seek counsel from long-standing, ‘successful’* business owners; within your sector, you will note that they have learned and developed the art and skill of embodying a trust infrastructure within and around them.  One that will never be ‘perfect’ in your eyes, but one that helps you to grow.


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*Success is subjective and one that can only be defined by yourself.

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