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The love hate relationship between PRs and Journalists

It is increasing perplexing to me about the love-hate relationship between PRs and Journalists.

As an agency, we see ourselves more as a facilitator.  We ensure that our clients:

  • Are picture ready
  • Have their social media platforms on point and up-to-date
  • Stay on topic and not try to always sell their products and service
  • Are honest
  • Do not try to dictate to the journalist, but works with them
  • Responds in a timely manner
  • Shares their article on social media
  • Are polite
  • Do not try to spin (so tacky)
  • Is available and flexible and tries to accommodate the journalist as much as possible.

However, we have heard horror stories where PRs act as gatekeepers and prevent great stories being shared.

  • We have heard of instances where the PR will not allow the journalist to interview the client
  • We have also heard of instances where the PRs try to dictate the narrative
  • We have heard of moments where PRs will not allow the client say a word without their confirmation.

Look, we all know that there is good and bad across all walks of life, Public Relations is no exception.  However, we believe that one of the key ways of telling a story is trust.  In general, our client base is focused on emerging leading brands, with an ethical and long-term sustainable perspective.  We focus on coaching our clients in:

  • Confidence
  • Honesty
  • Staying focus on the topic at hand
  • Being prepare

We do not advise our clients, in the beginning, to demand editorial approval, apart from anything else if you are the main focus of a story, and you want to chop and change the journalist’s direction, that is, in fact, called an advertorial.

The world of PR and Journalism is a circular thing and its effectiveness is obvious in times where a story resonates with its audience (good or bad).

Take time to understand the other side of the industry, because ultimately, it is all about positive relationships!




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