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The key to getting on Oprah’s Show


I have been dying to write this post for some time.  The Art of getting on the Oprah Winfrey Show’.  

Most business people would die for the publicity you would achieve if they could get on the Oprah Show. The power of Oprah is truly the Midas touch.  If you have every heard any of the stories of businesses who have been on the show, you would know that the impact can be immense.

However, this blog is not really focused on the benefits of being on her show.  No.  This post is more about the process of getting on her show.

Why is that important?

Simple – if you want to achieve greatness (especially with integrity) you have to be prepared for the investment it would take to achieve it.


What is that investment?  Patience, integrity and discipline.

In life today – most people expect results now, Now, NOW!


I must say that the desire for everything here and now has always perplexed me.  Seriously, a wise old woman once told me, ‘only a weak bladder cannot wait to take a good pee’.

However, I am here to tell you that marketing of any nature; especially of that magnitude have to be planned and nurtured to achieve the results you want to achieve.


Andre Walker


On Oprah’s 25th Anniversary and final year of the Oprah Winfrey Show, she did a double whammy ‘Favourite Things’ Show.  This is where Oprah selects a wide array of things she has used, appreciated and loved throughout the year or over time, profiles them and distributes  the said items to her audience in the studio.

Now, on her amazing ‘My Favourite Things’ Finale, she wanted to showcase a special product, the newly launched Andre Walker Hair line.

Andre, had been Oprah’s hairstylist for 25 years and in he her own words stated ‘Andre has never asked for anything’. She has been his number one client and never once compromised his relationship with her for a quick win and so she wanted to show her appreciation for his dedication and loyalty, by placing his products amongst her favourite things.

Well some may think he was lucky, but, I fundamentally believe that luck had nothing to do with it.

The lesson to learn here is to achieve GREAT success; you have to be dedicated, passionate, loyal, patient and persistent, and after 25 years Andre demonstrated that.

Many companies would like to achieve that kind of publicity within a few weeks or months.  However, we strongly recommend you plan for this level of publicity and invest a year or two to achieving it.

At FP Comms we receive the greatest pleasure through working with people with a plan.  We attract and engage people with a clear vision and know exactly what they would like to achieve.  They are focused, dedicated, passionate and patient and are not looking for quick fixes.

However, today you have read this blog.  Put a date in your dairy and I look forward to seeing your success within the next couple of years!

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