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The ethos behind FP Comms

Many business owners take for granted that our websites and social media activities are enough when it comes to explaining what we do and more importantly why we do it.

Many business owners believe that marketing and the art of communication can be a secondary thought when it comes to building a successful business.

However, business and the vocation of entrepreneurship is a vast world of truths and lies.  It is crowded and full of noise. Although FP Comms is very specific about:

  • what we dow
  • why we do it and
  • for whom we are working.

We never take for granted or assume you understand us enough or know what we do. Therefore, we seize opportunities to communicate and connect with you on a regular basis, via appropriate and specific platforms.

At FP Comms, we know that the road of business growth is not easy, but it is satisfying when you really walk the path you are meant to.

Nicola, founder of FP Comms was interviewed by business owner Laurie Seymour, Founder of The Baca Journey for her Wisdom Talk Radio Podcast to explain the meaning behind the tagline Marketing with Love.  Listen as Nicola explains why she started the company, who she serves and why she works with the people she does.


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