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Taking responsibility for your business – crowdfunding etiquette

Do you ever feel that people do not appreciate your vision, dream or goal? Here could be a reason why it is not working.

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular platform that people use to start or launch a business, idea or campaign.  However, it is saddening to see so many people ignore the protocols  required to deliver a successful campaign.

Today, as the team at FP Comms are working and planning for 2015.  We began looking at crowdfunding sites.  We searched under the word BUSINESS and we noted that most (over 90%) of the campaigns had less than 5% funding.  After further discussion and a larger debate, we noted a reoccurring number of issues with the failing campaigns.

Here are a few insights you may find helpful.

  • The fundraisers were taking more than they gave.  Many of the fundraisers were seeking large sums of money investment through crowdfunding, but offering very little in return.  Think about this objectively; I do not know you, so what is going to convince me to support you?  You will have to sell me on your story.  You also need to reward me appropriately for my ‘BLIND FAITH’ in supporting you.
  • Demonstrate your credibility.  Before you start anything on any crowdfunding site, spend some time building up your army of supporters.  Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Meetup …… wherever you believe your core supporters would be, connect and build a relationship with your community.  These people will become your early adopters and help you build credibility in the early stages of your campaignn and help you successfully launch your campaign.

Watch this clip about building your community


  • Submit and upload imaginative and creative content.  Ensure your copy and your story is captivating.  Add video content – let people hear your story from you.  No-one can sell your story better than yourself.
  • Update your content throughout your campaign duration.  Add new content, share positive news, pictures and experiences.

So, if you feel that the world is not appreciating your magnificent business idea, think about what you are giving out to the world and understand, you have to work on building relationships, understanding and looking after customer.  They will love you, if you appreciate them.

If you want to learn more about how to raise money for your start up business and feel that crowdfunding is an option you want to investigate further, please get in touch with FP COMMS MAKING IT HAPPEN  or fill in our contact form and get in touch.






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