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Stop putting barriers in your way to success

Small and micro growing businesses today put so many barriers in the way of their success it is killing them.  It stifles creativity and business growth.  Here are some of the traits we have noticed in businesses that constantly struggle to evolve and grow:

  1. Social Media jealousy
  2. Sales and growth impatience
  3. Because outcomes do not go their way, they love to blame others
  4. Unwillingness to try and fail
  5. Comparison to other businesses within their sector




From a practical point of view here are 5 things Barrier-Builders also like to do:

  1. Use a gmail/hotmail account to correspond about business matters.  This is worse if they put their company name in front
  2. Use Facebook as their website or their portal through which they sell their products and service.
  3. Do not see the value of being part of the social media community
  4. Thinks that their customers are stupid
  5. Does not like to write down their plans and share their vision with others.




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