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Seek out positive stories #Youdeservetoknow

Seek out positive stories – #youdeservetoknow

The press and media can often seem like an avalanche of negativity and disaster.  That said, there are a people in the world who are working and striving to create better lives for their local, national and international communities.  However, often the stories of their efforts are relegated to the small column on page 6, which everyone skips or are stories that are never shared at all.

#Youdeservetoknow about those people who are doing great work, who are thinking about their community and working diligently in all areas of society, across every sector, to support a better way of living in our world.

Article in the Evening Standard – Meet the Vegan Personal Trainers by Alex Gatenby   –  Credit for Image: Evening Standard

Recently, an article about Vegan Personal Trainers was featured in the Evening Standard Online.  A few years ago this message would have been pushed to a sector specific publication.  However, today with over 550,000 Vegans in the UK it is clear that the demand is increasing for healthier living across the board, and with a little creativity, news like this is being covered in the national and international press.  Whether it is adapting to a total plant based diet, to just becoming conscious of what you are eating and drinking, the news of the options available is becoming an increasingly more common place topic of conversation.

Meet the Vegan Personal Trainers – Alex Gatenby

(Link to video)

A few years ago, Veganism was looked at as something that only the spiritual and less conventional would do.  Today, due to persistence and creativity, the message is more mainstream and there is a knowledge that this way of life is and has been a way of life for many people and cultures, for many years.

So what is the point of this post?

The message in this post is to invite you to seek out those positive stories of people who are working hard to serve and create a better society.  The more you demand to read positive news, eventually it will become part of the mainstream!

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