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Publicise Me Challenge

A partnership with:


FP Comms and 11:11 Communications

Supported by:


Throughout July, FP Comms and 11:11 Communications have joined their PR forces to do the first-ever write and release challenge.
Within 31 days, the Publicise Me Challenge aim to produce and distribute up to 160 press releases for small and growing businesses and entrepreneurs. For a minimum fee, you can enter the challenge.

Each release will provide:

  • Business visibility
  • SEO and online presence for these businesses.
  • Be seen as an authority and influencer
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Big savings and huge value

However, in conjunction with the benefits to your company, proceeds of the challenge will go to two UK charities (details to be released shortly). The aim is to raise approximately £3000 per charity.

How to enter?

The application process is very simple. Complete below, submit with your payment of £197.00 and we will do the rest!

Publicise Me Challenge
We highly suggest that you have images for your article. Not just logos, but we recommend you have copyright approved images for your story. This helps to increase attention from journalists.
Please place all of the relevant website, social media and event links in here.

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