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Promoting a new type of capitalism

“Capitalism has been hijacked by a few ‘good’ men.”


The definition of capitalism

“An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”


To date, people see “CAPITALISM as PROFIT FOR SELF or PERSONAL GRATIFICATION”.  This perception and in many cases the reality of this system has encouraged governments to create ‘businesses’ and formal constructs in the shape of charities and community interest companies (CIC), to counteract the element of business + profit = greed.

However, I question the effectiveness of the systems the government(s) have put in place to overcome global ills. The central issue and problem with capitalism lie in the system-makers, not the system.  Through the prism of the eye of the profit-maker and state, they have created another system (ie: Charities and CIC) which only addresses a single issue and not the core of the problem.

The core of the problem lies in the abuse of profit.

  • Profit is not there to lord over the poor
  • Profit is not there to demean others
  • Profit is not there to accumulate personal wealth
  • Profit is there to SERVE the global community

Make a choice about what kind of business you want to give birth to.

The profit maker’s responsibility

A capitalist who makes a profit, but in turn uses it to help nurture, sustain and maintain our globe, is a capitalist for good,  is on a path of changing the status quo, without having to have a label and the constraints of government dictate.

There are many great businesses in society today that are blossoming and believing in a new way of social economics.  These are business-owners who believe that through a skilled approach and by building great businesses, you can:

  • Employ people and offer fair and equal pay
  • Look after the wellbeing of staff; mentally, physically and spiritually and still be a sustainable business
  • Build a legacy that serves the community locally – Internationally and be an effective contributor to humanity.
  • Serve markets well, at the same time collaborate and build a sector.

A good capitalist also has the understanding that their customers are supporting & charging them with the responsibility of doing positive things for the globe.


  • Hiring the next generation and offering fair pay
  • Considering the mental, physical and emotional well-being of their staff 
  • Recognising the value of providing a quality and sustainable business.

However, these are the businesses whose voices you would not recognise or have a deep relationship with, because currently they are not celebrated or showcased in the same way you would hear about the greedy and corrupt. That is changing.

People are becoming conscious consumers.  They are deliberately seeking out businesses & platforms to support their ethics, ethos, and goals.  Today’s consumer wants to read about, promote and be associated with great, good, ethical businesses.

What do you call business self?

There are many terms floating around – Conscious Capitalist, Ethical Business … However, whatever label you have chosen,  building a great business that serves our community is the goal.


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