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Over 50 ways to leverage your blog and build your audience

There are 100s of ways to leverage your blog for your business.  However, here are just 59.  In no particular order, select what works for you and what you can live without.

  1. #FlashbackFriday old posts
  2. Ask for technical support
  3. Attend Blogger’s awards and events
  4. Attend networking events
  5. Back up your mailing list in a CSV file
  6. Be articulate
  7. Be purposeful
  8. Be receptive to opportunities
  9. Be responsive to comments and feedback
  10. Become an Affiliate
  11. Become friendly with PRs
  12. Build a reputation
  13. Build a team
  14. Build relationships
  15. Build your credibility
  16. Build your database outside of social media
  17. Collaborate with others you have a synergy with
  18. Conduct surveys or questionnaires
  19. Connect with brands you love after you have written about them and demonstrate to them what you can do
  20. Help your readers to know what to expect and when
  21. Convert your written into audio clips and embed them. More people are listening than reading
  22. Ensure your SEO is up to date
  23. Enter competitions
  24. Focused posts
  25. Guest writers
  26. Have a personality
  27. Have a plan
  28. Have a professional email address
  29. Have a vision in mind
  30. Have sharp and clear images
  31. If you want to charge, have a rate card
  32. Keep reading books about all aspects of your sector and topics of interest
  33. Learn from others, but do not imitate them
  34. Look professional
  35. Make it easy for people to subscribe and join your mailing list
  36. Make your blog, mobile friendly
  37. Place backlinks in your blog
  38. PR your blog
  39. Promote events you have attended in the past or know of well and ask for free ticket or affiliate fees for a post
  40. Reference old posts in more recent posts and place a link.
  41. Register as part of the media for exhibitions and events – (You can often get in for free if you commit to reviewing the event)
  42. Register on sites like Fashion
  43. Register the domain name
  44. Relevant topics
  45. Repurpose old content for current day
  46. Run competitions
  47. Schedule your posts
  48. Sign up to subscription boxes
  49. Split your posts into series
  50. Support each other
  51. Support small businesses
  52. Think beyond your sector
  53. Try blog title generators for inspiration –
  54. Try to also write for larger platforms (Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc)
  55. Try to collaborate with people who write for larger platforms
  56. Try to connect your post with trending topics
  57. Try to use sites like Social Blue Book to provide quotes for posts
  58. Use your own voice
  59. Write about what you love

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