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One sale at a time

As you are building your business, you realise that it takes many moving parts to grow and succeed. However, one area many marketers neglect to really grasp in our communication is the value of sales.

For many of us in marketing and PR, we are clear that marketing is not sales.  However, in working with clients you have to REALLY appreciate that without sales, your jobs are at risk. Therefore, it is imperative for you to communicate in a healthy, honest way, which connects with your core audience and delivers to the audience the message and emotions they will experience when they use your products & service.

Building your network takes time.  However, through serving your core audience, understanding them, listening to them and growing with them, your communication will spread and hence your sales will grow.

This is particularly important for businesses that are emerging as future leading brands; businesses that want to be generational and sustain for decades.


Here is one tip we are finding helpful in 2017.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I asked my database why they shop with me?

If your answer is NO

  • Why?

If the answer is YES

  • What did I learn?

Did you create a strategy to help respond positively to their answers?

In serving your core where they are today, it will make it easier to connect with them on a long-term basis and eventually they will spread the word.





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