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Maximising your online business presence – Online Directories/Subscription Boxes

Many small and growing businesses work hard and dedicate a lot of time to being listed on online directories and portals, such as Amazon, Birchbox, Asos and Misguided, to name a few.

However, as a business, many owners miss the opportunity to use and leverage the platform to promote themselves further.

Having worked on a very successful Birchbox campaign that saw our client reap great success through sales and awareness, we have a few tips to share with you.


  • Drive traffic to the platform: 

    One of the main reasons that you wanted to be listed on the platform is because of the trust and relationship consumers have with the platform.  Therefore, the more you help promote the platform as a whole but using your products URL as the access point for them to visit the platform the greater chance of building a loyal customer base.


  • Press Release your partnership:

    The listing on a platform is a successful moment in your business and one you should celebrate, as well as educate others about.  In writing a press release about the partnership you can create an opportunity to build relationships with journalists in your sector.


  • Share reviews:
    This content is a great visual content for your products and services.  It also provides you with great objective testimonials


  • Connect with their audience:

    Through promoting and building your existence on these platforms, you provide an entry point for members of the platform and community to sample and try your products under their terms.  Remember that the customers are being introduced to you via the platform they have a relationship with.  The customer trusts their selection process which is ultimately your ‘Word of Mouth’.  Remember, people are buying from your business because they trust the platform. NOT YOU – YET.  You need to build a relationship with the customers.

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