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Lead me to where I can be of service.

Have you ever had the sense that you are being guided?

Do you feel that your business is a world changing business?

Have you ever had a gut feeling where you know you should do or say something for no other reason than it is a gut feeling?


When I started FP Comms, I knew it was a marketing company to help people to become confident and brave with their communication.  However, less than 5 minutes ago (13:25 – 28th April 2015), I had feeling in the pit of my stomach which compelled me to ask the question, where can I be of service?


It was at that moment I realised, that helping people who are transitioning from start-up/small stage to becoming a more established business was where our sweet spot lays.  We were supporting leaders, innovators and trailblazers.

We love supporting growth, increased confidence and experience.  FP Comms is in the service of working with people who are keen to elevate and amplify their business beyond their current status-quo.

So we wrote this post to say, there will be moments where you are wondering:

  • Why the hell did I do this?
  • Is this really what I am suppose to be doing?

I will say this much.  Look into yourself, take a moment and say, “Lead me to where I can be of service”.  It will be amazing how the answers will come flooding towards you.  The reason for this is simply because, when you ask the question, you become in-tune to all of the answers.  In so doing you become more aware of the opportunities (even if they were ones you were not expecting) and you can respond to them.

Have fun building your business.  Let us know if you have asked the question and what responses you have received.

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