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Just say it …. The power of communication

Oprah on Jonathan Ross

One of FP Comms’ areas of expertise is the Entertainment and Media sector.  We have a strong track record in promoting Creative businesses, Independent Filmmakers, Film Festivals, Artists …. the list goes on.

Recently, a very interesting thing happened in the UK film industry, something that we believe is a pivotal turning point in the world of ‘independent films’ and ‘non-mainstream’ slated films.  A film called The Butler was released.  As a fan of Oprah Winfrey and the wonderful UK talent Aml Ameen  we were very much aware of the film coming out in the UK on 15th November 2013.  However, up until the end of October very few UK citizens were aware of the film or knew when it would be released in the UK.

Why was this?

Well quite simply there was little of no advertising of the film in the UK.

The Butler is a tale about Cecil Gaines who serves eight presidents during his tenure as a butler at the White House, the civil rights movement, Vietnam, and other major events affect this man’s life, family, and American society.

Now, as a company we are very much aware of the business reasons behind promoting a film and in fact it is simple mathematics – it is the amount you spend against the number of bums on seats or in the ‘old’ days popcorn sold.  However, what is interesting is that until the beginning of October the UK distributor had a view that the UK population and audience for this film; would not either attend the screening or be interested in the film.

However, in the week leading up to the opening weekend of the film there has been a fever pitch amount of promotion surrounding this film and they brought out the big gun in Ms Oprah Winfrey.

At the time of writing this  she has been on The One Show, Loose Women, and Lorraine and is also due to appear on Jonathan Ross and who knows maybe even Graham Norton.

Although, the saying ‘better late than never’, comes to mind, it does raise the question if the marketers behind this film were aware that the audience and demographic for the film were viewers of these shows, which are females over 35, why did they not promote it to this demographic with the usual lead time as they do with other films in the first place?  We guess this raises a whole new discussion.

However, the focus for FP Comms is the importance behind connecting with your audience, clients and customers.

For most businesses the important factor here would be to compare the facts, therefore measuring the difference in sales compared to their predicted sales figures would be a good indicator.

Although you all do not have Oprah at your disposal to promote your companies, what you do have are your own tools in your arsenal to communicate, connect and stand out in the market place and against your competitors.

You need to find it and use it to maximum effect.


How do you know what your tools are? 

There is a simple litmus test.  It is quite simply that thing that really communicates who you are what we call – The Authentic You.  It is the thing that makes you stick out as an eccentric or different from your competitors in your industry.  You are usually the innovator and trailblazer of your sector.  You are usually the company that asks your client for feedback even if it may be negative.  You come up with campaigns that say I am not afraid to be seen and heard.

Here are two campaigns that shout here I am and this is what I have to offer.  The interesting thing is that they are not both international conglomerates, but they pack a punch and dare to say, I know of what I speak, I am here, this is who I am  and I welcome you to connect with us:

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