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Influential people that business leaders listen to….

Do you feel you are a trendsetter, a person focused on becoming a trailblazer and leader in your Industry? If so, you will recognise some of these names.

While I have been building FP Comms, there were times when it felt that it would never happen.  It was horrible.  Then one day as things began to turn around and I was speaking to like-minded successful people, I saw a trend. It is not a secret, but it is something we do not vocalissuccessful peoplee.


  • We fill our environment with positive, like-minded people.
  • We listen to positive and inspiring messages
  • We read about positive people
  • We adopt positive habits
  • We support each other

This does not mean we achieve success in a perfect or easy way, but we recognise that success is accomplished through particular habits and practices.

I have listed below many of the influential people business leaders listen to.  Some of these names may not be names you would be expecting, but they are the names you will hear as a  common denominator among successful people.

(In no particular order list of Influential People (IP))

  • Joel Osteen
  • Dalai Lama
  • Lisa Nichols
  • Oprah (especially her Master Classes)
  • Tony Robbins
  • Warren Buffet
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Marie Forleo
  • Eckhart Tolle
  • Russell Simmons
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Sheryl Sandberg
  • Deepak Chopra



The list of names itemised above have a number of similar traits that seem to differentiate IPs from others.

  1. They share their vulnerabilities.  They share their ugly stories, fear and come clean about how they arrived to the point where they are today.
  2. They ooze authenticity.  Regardless of what you think about their individual politics, spiritual and social standing they communicate an authentic voice of positivity.  THIS IS MY FAVE TRAIT
  3. They are consistently reinforcing a core principle – They are always focused on one key vision and find several ways to repeat the same message, just in different ways.
  4. They are generous – They give away alot of great stuff.  However, another interesting trait of great leaders that follow these influential people, is that they NEVER just take their great information.  They also follow up by investing in their courses and activities.  This is very important!!
  5. They are highly visible – even the Dali Lama – has embraced modern technology to great effect.
  6.  They have made drastic changes to their lives.  This is really important.  Wayne Dyer seems to be the most drastic I have heard (to date) he gave away EVERYTHING – EVERYTHING. He had a successful company and gave it all away, so that he could get to a greater level of understanding. Today, he inspires people to really achieve their full potential.
  7. They have all adopted new habits and appreciate silence.  This is one of my faves.  They have learnt to get in tune with themselves and really understand who they are and how they can be the best of themselves to support a wider community.
  8. Confidence – I think although they may be nervous, they confidently recognise, their power is in overcoming the fear and just getting on with it.
  9. Relevance – Their names just roll off the tongue of leaders.  They really do. They are relevant and actively current.

To be an IP you need to have ALL of these list of traits.

When researching this piece, I read many quotes from leaders about these people.

This is a quote from Richard Branson about Marie Forleo – “Marie’s unique flavor of entrepreneurial style fits perfectly with Virgin Unite and we can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next.

We know that Richard Branson is successful – so we can take our cue from him.

PS: These are the people that we often think have done  TED TALK 

Sheryl Sandberg



I think what happens is that you have to be prepared to make the changes that these Influential People share.  If you are not ready to make the difficult choices, you will find these IPs highly offensive, uncomfortable and maybe even radical.

These are the people, that many people want to be, but do not have the courage to become.  What you find with IPs is that usually their message can seem quite radical or uncomfortable.  What I have identified is that the leaders that  listen to these Influential people, are always seeking to think and behave in a radical and world changing ways and almost use them to inspire and fill their tank up with positive energy.



I wrote this piece as a UK business woman and I have to say that there are few dynamic UK based IPs that I have come across.

I have however, researched and found a couple of names, I think are really beginning to create waves and I really look forward to seeing them shine brightly. That said, I would also like to see more names to add to this list.

(In no particular order list of Influential People we pay attention to and should look out for)

  1. Sherry Ann Dixon
  2. J K Rowlin  – She is become more vocal as time goes on.

I really struggled with finding IPs from the UK.  Do you think we are too reserved?  Or do we just do business differently?

Do you listen to any of these Influential people?  Send us your feedback below and let us know who you listen to and why?


2 Responses so far.

  1. Pippa Moye says:

    It’s true that people of influence share these common traits. The other factor is that they are all accomplished speakers capable of strongly delivering a message.

    I have actually never heard of Russell Simmons or Sherry Ann Dixon (must look them up!). Thinking about my main influences, I struggle to find British ones too. The ones who come to mind for me are all American:
    Louise L. Hay
    Neale Donald Walsch
    Mike Dooley
    Brandon Bays
    Byron Katie
    Robert Kiyosaki
    Jim Rohn
    Brian Tracy
    and most recently John Kim (The Angry Therapist)

    Why do British people not feature as thought leaders? I think the mindset in this country is inherently negative and defeatist. People are more likely to mock and try to pull you down than applaud your efforts and want you to succeed. In my experience, having worked and travelled in the States, the mindset is far more positive, optimistic and forward-thinking compared to here. I have found Americans to be much more open and supportive than Brits. Returning to London from NYC, for example, I feel as though I’ve just been smothered by a wet blanket.

    Politics aside, the US is way ahead in terms of technology, spirituality, breakthroughs in healthy living. Virtually everything I follow is from the States and most of that is from the West Coast. In my opinion the UK is 15-20 years behind.

    I have a feeling that social class is part of the problem in this country – people not feeling that they are entitled to speak up unless they have a privileged background. Whereas in the States if someone feels they have a message, they just grab a microphone.

    Also, being authentic and sharing vulnerabilities is so not cricket! The stiff upper lip mentality still prevails here, while in the U.S. it’s been fashionable for a decade or two to open up about how life really is.

    The UK is the land of false modesty and knowing your place, while the USA is the land of celebration and overcoming false barriers.

    Politics aside (I’m sure the Native Americans would have a few things to say) there is something to be said for the pioneer mentality.

    • FP Comms says:

      Thank you Pippa for your response. It is true there is a USA/ UK divide. (BTW: Sherry Ann Dixon is British and one of the very few that I found).

      This much I believe to be true. The USA structure is to nurture and celebrate leaders. If you think about UK sports and business in general one of the popular catchphrases we use is ‘UK people love to celebrate the underdog’. The country celebrates the the fight by small businesses against big corporations, we salivate over the demise of ‘successful’ people.

      Becoming an influential person in the UK is difficult, but not impossible. We have to acknowledge what it takes, accept the sacrifice and be prepared for the work.

      Pippa, I loved what you also said about USA being ahead in terms of tech and spirituality. You are spot on (as far as I am concerned). I remember when Tony Blair came out as Christian (after he left the role of Prime Minister), it was looked upon as weird, strange and airy fairy. Influential People in the world have to encompass key attributes. There are some amazing people in the UK but to be influential you have to embrace your authentic self fully.

      Pippa, I am so happy you read this piece and found it informative. Keep reading!!!!!!

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