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Increasing your sales with competitions


Most recently we have been working with a couple of beauty and skincare companies.  These businesses are forging their way through the marketplace and building a stable reputation for creating some of the most amazing and beneficial products.

One of the tricks of the trade for increasing sales – COMPETITIONS

One of the things clients want us to demonstrate and prove, are the area where we have directly helped to increase sales.  As a marketing company, sometimes this can be difficult to prove.  Of course we can create campaigns where people can quote references or have to input a promo codes when they make a purchase.

However, one area you can certainly demonstrate the power of your marketing is via COMPETITIONS.

Competitions are a fantastic way of increasing traffic to your site, as well as creating an opportunity for people to share information about your product or service.  Competitions or contests (as they are sometimes called), when executed well, can also help you increase your followers on social media.  These people who subsequently follow you, are people who are highly interested in your products and therefore can easily become customers of your service. However, to convert them into full paying customers takes finesse and care.

Here are 3 tips to help you use competitions and contests to help you increase your sales.


  1. Make sure the prize value is attractive.  The better, useful and relevant your prize, the greater the level of your engagement.
  2. Use systems like Rafflecopter, Constant Contact …. to help you manage and run your campaign
  3. For people who have not won a main prize, offer a subsequent discount for anyone who wants to try your products and services.

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